On-site purpose-built

user testing lab 

Equipped with the most advanced testing software, complemented by a comfortable living room atmosphere.

Understand your users 

We bring in your customers and observe how they interact with your product. Combined with our UX expertise, we provide meaningful insights and recommendations to enhance your user experience. 

World class technology

We use eye tracking and facial emotion analysis to help understand user behaviour like never before. 

 Eye Tracking

Visualise key areas of your site by analysing heatmaps.


 Facial emotions

Understand when your user is happy, sad, angry, surprised, scared and even disgusted, while engaging with your brand.

Our user testing lab

Observe your user's behaviour on any platform

We love studying user behaviour across any platform, whether it's a website, app or their experience within a retail store. 

Man testing website on laptop

Website and software

We can test the user journey of your ecommerce website or application.

Women looking at signs and wayfinding

Signage and wayfinding

With our eye tracking equipment we can identify key improvements to signage.

User testing a mobile app

Mobile and tablet apps

Mobiles and tablets are gaining 

prominence. Make sure your experience is optimised.

Woman buying products in store

Retail store experience

Optimise retail merchandising and store space to make it as efficient as possible.

Prototype design


Avoid making costly mistakes by getting early feedback on your prototype from real users.

User testing friends playing games

TV and Gaming

See how users of all ages behave and interact with televisions and games.


VR and AR

Test how the early adopters of VR and AR use your application.

Family watchings an advert

Adverts and campaigns

See exactly how your customers feel when interacting with your ads and campaigns.

Test anywhere

We study user behaviour in any location. Our wireless glasses can test signage, wayfinding, retail merchandising and much more. 


Our portable lab is designed for travelling and can be set up under 10 minutes.

Hire our lab and customer room

If you prefer to run your own usability tests, customer interviews or focus groups, you can hire our fully equipped customer room.


Lab hire includes the equipment, software and all of the audio and video recordings.